Responsible Tourism

rotection and preservation of cultures / Sustainable Travel : We are fascinated by the national philosophy anchored on the principle of Gross National Happiness (GNH) which has promulgated as the country’s philosophy of economic and social development, the richness, the beauty and the wisdom of the culture we encounter in Bhutan. We are also convinced that these cultures could be a model not only for the Himalayas, but perhaps even an exemplary model for culture around the world. Their protection and preservation are important to us. As tourists in these countries, and in contact with its people, we respect their customs and traditions and support organisations committed to their protection and preservation.

Environmental protection : As organisers of tours in the Bhutan eastern Himalayas and aficionados of the local nature, we are conscious of our responsibility with regard to environmental protection. We believe that the uniqueness of the Gross National Happiness index dwelling in the Himalayas of Bhutan, their rich culture and their natural diversity should be shared with as many of you as possible. We also believe that our presence as tourists should not have a negative impact on nature. Therefore, we support the local envi-ronmental organisations with conviction and, together with those of our customers who would like to help us, set up environmental and cleaning campaigns. These take place on the trekking routes and at schools. Based on the motto: Hand in Hand for environmental pro-tection and for the preservation, diversity and beauty of nature.